LavaLamp Studios is a small, independent artists' group out of northern Indiana. It is focused on bringing everyone together through art, no matter the type. Currently, we are beginning a network of podcasts and films.


Our largest project in production now is a feature-length documentary about some of the local young people growing up in this poor, rural area. Our hope is to show them through travel and cultural exposure that there is a life beyond their county lines. Ultimately, we hope to build them into cultural ambassadors who will bring ideas of empathy and outreach to a struggling community.

When our GoFundMe campaign is launched, we will let all of our fans know how they can help with our project!

LavaLamp Studios is also proud to present The Apparent Junction of Earth and Sky, a narrative podcast based on the short story series by Noah Welsh. You can listen to it here or it can be downloaded for free at iTunes and Google Play. As always, Subscriptions, Ratings, and Reviews are greatly appreciated!