Noah Welsh is the author of two novels and one short story collection. They are all available exclusively at, with links provided below.

Cover art by Hannah Hummel

The Lights in the Sky
By Noah Welsh
Sammy finds the smell of cigarettes and whiskey comforting, the legacy of a father with a failing farm and a mother who never leaves home. He’s the protector of his little sister, quarterback of his high school, and the boyfriend of the hottest girl in the senior class. He also has dreams about being pulled from his bed by cloud-like beings with sandpaper skin. Aided by his therapist and an old teddy bear, he learns that his tormentors aren’t the biggest danger to the people he loves. He is.

You can read Chapters 1-10 of The Lights In the Sky right here:

Chapters 1 & 2

Chapters 3 & 4

Chapters 5 & 6

Chapters 7 & 8

Chapters 9 & 10

Photography by Erin Budreau

Ciaran is the last important thing left in Brendan’s life. After the world has fallen apart, the cousins take care of one another in their new home: a vibrant, oceanside community of survivors. However, dreams of his past tempt Ciaran to leave this new happiness and Brendan is faced with a choice: travel with the only family he has left or stay in paradise with the woman he might love. Told in a series of short stories, the tale of Brendan and Ciaran was first available on the author’s website, Achieving P’nosha. It is presented here alongside a series of photographs taken by photographer Erin Budreau.

You can read the entirety of The Apparent Junction of Earth and Sky here:

Parts I & II

Parts III & IV

Parts V & VI

Parts VII & VIII

Parts IX & X

You can listen to the narrative podcast adaptation of the stories here.

Cover by Hannah Hummel

By Noah Welsh
When Michael’s family moves into his new house in the Indiana countryside, he is amazed to find the ghost of another boy already living there. They soon become friends, but all of that is put to the test as Michael begins to grow up and the ghost finds himself stuck as a child forever.